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Received Mar 7; Accepted May Associated Data Not applicable. Abstract Cutaneous malignant melanoma is a heterogeneous disease, being the consequence of specific genetic alterations along several molecular pathways.

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Despite the increased knowledge about the biology and pathogenesis of melanoma, the incidence has grown markedly worldwide, making it extremely important to develop preventive measures. The beneficial role of correct nutrition and of some natural dietary compounds in preventing malignant melanoma has been widely demonstrated.

This led to numerous studies investigating the role of several dietary attitudes, patterns, and supplements in the prevention of melanoma, and ongoing research investigates their impact in the clinical management and outcomes of patients diagnosed with the disease.

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This article is an overview of recent scientific advances regarding specific dietary compounds and their impact on melanoma development and treatment. Indeed, epidemiological evidence indicates that a poor quality diet, physical inactivity, and overweight and obesity are strong risk factors for multiple malignancies [ 3 ].

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In this scenario, increasing numbers of foods and nutrients with a protective effect have been identified in recent years [ 4 ]. Despite the role of diet in cancer prevention, this evidence is widely perceived as inconsistent, underlining the need for greater research and communication clarity.

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Cutaneous malignant melanoma CMM is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, having a growing incidence, high metastatic potential and affecting all age groups, which makes preventive measures particularly urgent. The incidence differs among countries but has increased markedly worldwide in recent years, especially in white-skinned populations [ 5 ].

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CMM arises from melanocytes, the cells responsible for the production of the melanin pigment of the skin, hair, and lx advanced fat burner, and is the result of complex interactions between individual genetic factors and environmental risk factors.

The scientific literature has provided direct evidence that sun exposure causes mutations in critical genes for melanoma [ 6 ].

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UVB can also damage DNA indirectly by causing oxidative stress resulting from lipid peroxidation and the formation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen intermediates [ 78 ]. Moreover, exposure to UVB causes inflammation, including erythema and edema, and chronic inflammation is a recognized risk factor for tumor development [ 9 ].

As mentioned above, the incidence of CMM has continued to rise in recent years despite public efforts to promote sun protection habits.

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Considering that the use of sunscreen does not entirely prevent skin cancer, additional chemo-preventive approaches are desirable. In this regard, attention has been focused on the possible role of diet in reducing the melanoma risk.

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Furthermore, dietary interventions may have systemic benefits, unlike purely topical methods of sun protection, and do not need constant reapplication.

Numerous studies have suggested a protective role of some dietary elements, but relationships between dietary intake of certain foods and the cancer risk are still controversial.

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Dietary antioxidant phytochemicals have demonstrated protective effects and the presence of these compounds in the traditional Mediterranean diet may be partly responsible for the low incidence of CMM in lx advanced fat burner area, despite high levels of solar radiation; other studies showed a trend towards a reduced risk of CMM with a greater intake of vegetables and fruit, fish, as well as vitamins and beverages such as coffee or tea [ 1112 ]. The results appear encouraging and could reinforce nutritional prevention campaigns and the development of appropriate initiatives.

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Extrinsic factors thought to play a role in melanoma prevention are summarized in Fig.